If tea trees can grow according to the laws of nature, the essence of heaven and earth will make the essence of tea pure and beautiful, and farmers can adopt natural agricultural methods, and the harm caused by man-made chemicals will inevitably be avoided. Good news, the essence of tea is good, the tea soup is naturally sweet, the body is touched, and it will start a healthy mechanism without being forced.

No matter how far the road is, no matter how short the time is, finding good tea is my responsibility

The recent outbreak of food safety problems, even the tea drinking that has accompanied the Chinese for more than a thousand years cannot escape its harm. Faced with the chemical pollution of tea due to human interests and selfishness, and eventually lost the nature of tea health preservation, Shennong's How can I face the sigh? The streets are full of poison, how can I live a peaceful life? Liu Chongpei has been with tea since he was a child. Every household must have old tea, and if he feels any discomfort, he can respond immediately, so he has a deep-rooted affection for old tea. He has a deep reluctance in his heart for the black-hearted tea incident in Taiwan. This is the motivation for Liu Chongpei to search for good non-toxic tea. No matter how long the road is and the time is pressing, as long as you know where there is good tea, you can go as far as you want. Don't delay, even if you go to the mountains in the dark, you have to find non-toxic old tea. His enthusiasm has often touched many tea farmers, and he has forged not only the bond of buying tea, but also the bond of friends with similar ideas.

Master two or three guarantees

Professional guarantee to see people looking for tea charcoal roasting to improve tea quality Liu Chongpei is not only a tea farmer, but also a tea maker and charcoal roaster. During the process, he and the tea farmers knew everything and talked endlessly, and often made friends with many kind and good people. He knew that the human heart is the key factor in determining the essence of tea, so in the dialogue, due to his profound understanding of tea, It can be very professionally judged whether the tea grower adopts natural farming method, the grade of tea quality, storage conditions, and fermentation method... After he finds the essence of pure old tea, he will use his professional tea-based roasting to improve the old tea. Flavor of tea.

For these hard-to-find old teas, he takes care of them even more so that they can be bathed in pleasant and pure orthodox music every day. Tea also has a heart. After meditation and mellowing, old teas will make people who are destined drink moved, and then After a long time of refining the old tea, he truly respects the old tea from his heart. That is the old tea confidant that Liu Chongpei is looking for.

The Guarantee of Conscience

Liu Chongpei's tea-seeking journey is an ongoing process of life. After various investigations, he found Mrs. Lin, who has been a tea farmer for three generations in Dongdingshan District. His father-in-law is 103 years old and still in good health. Clearly, it can be calculated that it has been 66 years since he was married to Chashan at the age of 30. "The Way of Longevity", good tea should be a major contributor!


The management of the Lin's tea garden has adopted natural farming methods from the time of my father. When tea is made, if someone wants to buy it, it can be sold at the normal price without pushing it up. If no one buys it, it will become old tea. , and then use the charcoal roasting process to take care of the old tea, so the quality of the old tea is quite good, so Mr. Lin said confidently: "After drinking the old tea at home, I will return from the mountain to the city street. Gan!” The talkative and hospitable grandma of the Lin family said that there are many “mountain products” in the family. Before the age of 86, she had to pick tea every day. Her granddaughter-in-law joked with her: “Grandma, you can still pick tea when you are 90 years old, and I will bring you a chair and invite you to sit. When she was 90 years old, she really earned 900 yuan from picking 30 kilograms of tea, and she replied to her grandson, "Come on! Here's a chair!" You can imagine the source of the sweet essence of Lin's old tea!

Science guarantees that everything is worth it to pass the pesticide residue test

Liu Chongpei has drunk old tea from many tea areas, and felt that the old tea in Dongding Mountain is particularly delicious because of the abundant rainfall in the area, the foggy morning and evening, the mild sunshine, the large temperature difference between painting and night, and the high viscosity of the soil. The yellow-red oily soil is easy to absorb water and contains organic matter, so the tea quality of the tea planted is very good, and the old tea stored in the re-fermentation process in the Dongding Mountains is very hot during baking. If the storage environment is good, the flavor will not become weak. The back rhyme is the best drink, so he often visits Dongding Chashan to find tea. Liu Chongpei's appearance seems rough and informal, but he is very particular about the source of tea and never ambiguous, so he is very confident in the old Dongding tea that he has painstakingly searched for, but in order to make consumers feel more secure, he is down-to-earth. Sending the tea to a professional organization that inspects pesticide residues for testing, although the increase in cost reduces the profit, but it can reassure people. He thinks it is worthwhile. After passing the test, he is full of confidence to find a close friend for this batch of Dongding Anxin tea.

Article source (The Epoch Times report)

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