According to a broad international definition, oolong tea generally refers to semi-fermented tea, green tea is zero-fermented tea, and black tea is fully fermented tea. It only needs semi-fermented tea and is processed in the way of oolong tea, regardless of whether the tea is made of Qingxin Oolong, Dayu Oolong, Daye Oolong, or Jinxuan, Cuiyu, Sijichun or other varieties, according to international standards. In the broad definition, it can be broadly called "Oolong tea". Then, if these tea leaves are produced in high mountain tea areas above 1,000 meters above sea level, they can be called "alpine oolong tea".

But in Taiwan, so-called "Taiwanese oolong tea" has stricter regulations. The orthodox "Taiwan oolong tea" refers specifically to: tea leaves processed with oolong tea varieties (including: Qingxin oolong, big oolong, big leaf oolong, etc.) and processed by the oolong tea process. Then, if these Taiwan oolong teas are produced in alpine tea areas above 1,000 meters above sea level, they can be called "Taiwan alpine oolong teas".

Therefore, "alpine oolong tea broadly defined internationally" and "Taiwan alpine oolong tea" are different concepts. The former has a wider scope, as long as the alpine tea is processed by the oolong tea process, it can be called "alpine oolong tea"; while the latter refers to specific tea varieties (including: Qingxin Oolong, Dawu Oolong, Daye Oolong ... etc.), and alpine tea processed in the way of oolong tea. In other words, the latter is just a subset of the former.

"Taiwan Alpine Oolong Tea" produced by Lao Ye Liang

Among the teas produced by Laoye Two, there are many teas that use the "Qingxin Oolong" variety for "Oolong Tea Process" processing, so these are all orthodox and authentic "Taiwan Alpine Oolong Tea". Although both belong to "Taiwan Alpine Oolong Tea", these teas have different characteristics, tastes and flavors, including:

General Alpine Oolong Tea (non-Taiwanese Alpine Oolong Tea)

As for the three types of tea, Caidie Honey Fragrant Tea, Golden Diamond Oolong Tea, and Cane Fragrant Charcoal Roasted Oolong Tea, three varieties of Jinxuan, Cuiyu or sometimes Qingxin Oolong are used for processing. Although these teas can also be regarded as general "alpine oolong tea" in a broad sense, because they are not necessarily processed using the varieties of "Qingxin Oolong, Daye Oolong, Daye Oolong", the masters do not classify these tea products in the In the orthodox "Taiwan Alpine Oolong Tea" category, these include:

Although these types of teas are not classified as "Taiwanese Alpine Oolong Tea", they all have special tea flavors. Among them, there are two types of teas: Golden Diamond Oolong Tea and Cane Charcoal Roasted Oolong Tea. The long-term experiments of the two masters have found that if these two teas are processed with Jinxuan varieties, their flavors will be better. Therefore, the golden diamond oolong tea and the cane charcoal roasted oolong tea are always processed with the Jinxuan variety.

And Caidie Honey Fragrant Tea, whether it is processed with Qingxin Oolong, Jin Xuan or Cuiyu, will have an excellent flavor. Therefore, when making Butterfly Honey Fragrant Tea, it is made according to the variety of tea leaves (whether it is Qingxin Oolong, Jinxuan or Cuiyu) that happened to be at hand when the tea was made. However, due to the failure to ensure that the color butterfly honey fragrance tea must be made of Qingxin oolong, the masters do not classify the color butterfly honey fragrance tea as "Taiwan alpine oolong tea", because "Taiwan alpine oolong tea" is strictly defined.

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Finally, the masters also recommend a top-quality "Organic Taiwanese Alpine Oolong Tea". The quality of this tea is very high, the output is limited, and the production process is extremely cumbersome. The following is the sixth article in the series:Yushan Shenmu Tea District Limited Edition Top "Taiwan Alpine Oolong Tea", to introduce this top Taiwanese alpine oolong tea.

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