As for black tea, because it is fully fermented tea, it does not belong to oolong tea. However, most of the tea produced in the world is black tea, so Lao Ye Liang also produces some black tea, including:

As for green tea, because it is a zero-fermented tea, it is cold, and it is not suitable for people with a cold body. Therefore, people with a cold body should not drink more green tea, but drink a small amount of green tea in moderation, and if you don't feel bad after drinking it, you can still enjoy it. green tea.

Dr. Li Yuming, a lecturer at the Faculty of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, pointed out that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, there are only a few people who are absolutely "cold bottom" and "hot bottom". In fact, modern human constitutions are often intertwined with cold and heat, that is, some parts of the body are hot and others are cold. For precautions on drinking green tea, seeArticle by Dr. Yuming Li.

In the near future, Lao Ye Liang will also launch "Taiwan Organic Certified Green Tea" for tea lovers to enjoy:

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