old man twoYushan Shenmu Tea Area Limited Edition_Organic Charcoal Roasted "Taiwan Alpine Oolong Tea"”] is the highest grade of tea provided by Master Liang. This tea area has a unique growth environment for tea trees, and it is cultivated by organic farming methods, and then roasted with longan wood over charcoal. Due to the limited production of tea, the annual tea supply can only be limited, so it is named 【】Yushan Shenmu Tea Area Limited Edition_Organic Charcoal Roasted "Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea"].

1500 meters above sea level, the unique dustpan landform of the tea garden in Shenmu Village, Yushan Mountain

At the foot of Yushan Mountain, drive slowly along the Wanyan Road in Xinyi Township, Nantou to a higher place. On the way, you will see the direction to Shenmu Village. After driving for a while, you will reach a clearing, after which you can no longer drive and have to walk. Walking and walking, the heart gradually settles down, as if only the mountain and himself are quietly talking in their hearts. Walking on the industrial road for about 40 minutes, you will come to a Shenmu tea area full of spiritual energy and tranquility.

The tea plantation here is about 1500 meters above sea level, surrounded by unexplored virgin forests and no other crops or houses. The opening of this tea garden faces the southeast, and the other sides are the barriers of mountains, so the terrain is like a dustpan. Moreover, because it is located in a high mountain, the average sunshine is short, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. This unique tea garden surrounded by water vapor and mist is the necessary condition for the production of fragrant, sweet and mellow tea.

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Organically cultivated Taiwan Qingxin Oolong Tea Garden

The tea trees in the Shenmu tea area adopt the highest-level "organic farming method", that is, to use organic materials to nourish the land and protect the tea trees from pests, and not to use any pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. certification".

The conditions for organic certification are relatively strict. Not only can there be no chemical or heavy metal components in the soil, but crops must also undergo random inspections, and there must be no pesticide residues or chemical fertilizers. In addition, if there are other farms with conventional farming methods nearby, there is no way to pass the organic certification, because pesticides will be polluting in the air, and pesticides will float from nearby farms with conventional farming methods, polluting the land and crops. Furthermore, if the water source is co-constructed, there is no way to apply. Or the land does not match (for example, some of the mountains are Linban land), or the land owned by the State-owned Property Bureau cannot pass the organic certification. Finally, after the organic certification unit issues the "organic certification", it will also send staff to conduct random inspections at any time to confirm whether the organic farming method has been implemented in accordance with the regulations for a long time. In other words, the threshold for organic certification is the highest, which is a compulsory inspection mechanism implemented by the certification unit. Therefore, organic certification effectively ensures the safety of agricultural products, and can best create a sense of trust for consumers.

In addition, the use of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides can quickly acidify and harden the soil and make it infertile, so it has to rely on chemical fertilizers (refer to this page). However, by adopting organic farming methods, the soil will not be acidified and hardened, nor will the soil microbial phase and earthworm ecology be damaged. Biochemical effects are used to improve the soil of tea gardens and create natural nutrients and a good environment for the growth of tea trees (https://goo.gl/3KPGbN). In addition, in healthy soil, there are often earthworms that automatically loosen the soil for a long time. The manure produced by earthworms after eating rotten leaves is also the best organic fertilizer, and finally the "nutrient density" of tea can be higher.

When it comes to the "nutrient density" of organic crops, it is necessary to quote Chen Junxu, chairman of the "Taiwan National Health Promotion Association" (Bachelor of Rehabilitation Medicine, National Taiwan University, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Bastille University, USA) The famous book "Eating Wrongly" , of course get sick! ”, which pointed out that organic vegetables and fruits are relatively petite, but their nutrient density is much higher than that of large general vegetables and fruits, so in terms of nutrient density, organic food is relatively cheap (https://goo .gl/cQ62Pp).

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Tea Fermentation in Shenmu Tea Area

After the tea in the Shenmu tea area is harvested, it must be fermented. Fermentation is an important link in the production of Alpine Oolong tea in Taiwan. If the degree of fermentation is less than 50%, the tea is relatively cool; on the contrary, if the degree of fermentation is higher than 50%, the tea is relatively warm. For example, green tea has zero fermentation, so it is cold; while black tea is 100% fermented, it is also warm. As for Taiwan's alpine oolong tea, it is semi-fermented tea, which is between green tea and black tea.

The early Taiwanese Alpine Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea, but its fermentation degree is relatively sufficient, the degree of fermentation is about 50%, so it is a mild and neutral tea. However, due to the changes of times and trends, modern alpine oolong tea pays attention to the fragrance of the mountains and the characteristics of the mountains. The tea should be golden, translucent and light green, so the fermentation degree is reduced to about 30%, so it is cold. sexual.

Because modern people stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time and do not have much work, many people today, especially women, have a cold constitution. If you drink green tea or Taiwan alpine oolong tea with a fermentation degree of less than 50%, your body will feel uncomfortable due to the excessive cold. However, if you drink 100% fermented black tea, your body will not feel uncomfortable due to excessive cold.

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Longan charcoal is hard to come by

After fermentation, Taiwanese alpine oolong tea has to go through a longan wood charcoal roasting procedure to remove the coldness of the tea leaves. Longan wood, as the name suggests, is the wood of the longan tree. The longan tree is a fairly hard tree. It is a fruit tree itself, with a sweet and sweet flavor. The properties of longan wood are yang, the wood of pure yang. First, cut off the longan wood and put it in a dry place for one year. After one year, the longan wood can be put into the charcoal kiln. Using the principle of high temperature and sultry, the longan tree is slowly turned into longan charcoal. This process takes two months. time. In the first month, the temperature of the kiln should be continuously raised, the longan wood should be placed in the kiln, and the longan wood should be slowly charcoaled through the principle of high temperature stuffing the kiln. In the second month, the boring kiln method is adopted. The boring kiln is to cover the entire furnace mouth with soil. Through the principle of high-density heat preservation kiln, the longan wood will be completely carbonized after another month of boring, two months before and after. Longan Charcoal.

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Longan charcoal
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Hojicha tea made with longan charcoal and pure yang fire

Longan wood is originally masculine, and after two months of high temperature burning and suffocating the kiln, the yang is added to the yang, which is a kind of pure yang fire. The tea roasted with longan charcoal also belongs to the pure yang tea, which has a very powerful effect. positive energy. Using longan wood roasted tea can not only turn the coldness of the tea into neutral and warm, but also roast the irritating caffeine and theophylline in the tea. Energetic, energetic and full of power, this is the real benefit of drinking Longan Charcoal Hojicha.

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Features of Shenmu Tea District Limited Edition Organic Charcoal-Roasted Oolong Tea

The limited edition of the organic charcoal-roasted "Taiwan Alpine Oolong Tea" in the Shenmu tea area must be picked when the weather is fine, and the tea leaves must be harvested at an appropriate degree of maturity. Tea that is too tender is easy to be made bitter. The taste of the old tea leaves is weaker, so it is necessary to choose the most appropriate ripeness to harvest, so that the quality of the tea leaves will be good, and the best aroma and throat rhythm will be exhibited.

Charcoal roasting is the most important technique for refining tea leaves. Longan wood charcoal roasting is a very high traditional technique. It requires experienced roasted tea masters to roast by hand. There is no standard procedure for the method and time of roasted tea, depending on the nature of the tea leaves. , The change of tea leaves, watching tea hojicha, is a very profound knowledge.

The limited edition organic charcoal roasted tea in Shenmu tea area uses lightly fermented oolong tea in the tea making process, and then uses longan charcoal to roast with precision charcoal. Baking, refining the tea itself, making the tea mellow and pure, every sip you drink has a different level and mood. The elegant tea fragrance and the long-lasting tea rhythm in your mouth are like drinking in the forest surrounded by mountains. Tea to enjoy.

This is the most advanced tea of the two masters: the entire production process of [Yushan Shenmu Tea Area Limited Edition_Organic Charcoal Roasted "Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea"]. The quality of the tea is extremely high, the output is limited, and the production process is extremely cumbersome, in order to achieve this top-quality tea.

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