Searching. tea edge

In my memory, there is a "A Fubo" who always walks from the old tea area in Dongding to carry the treasured tea, wrap it in one or two pieces of paper, and come to bond with the villagers in Alishan. After the villagers bought it home, they used to hang it on the chimney pipe of the large stove, and use the residual temperature of the firewood to preserve the drying of the tea leaves. That blind tea... is especially sweet and warm. 

In retrospect, it was already 70 years ago, when tea cultivation had not yet started in the Alishan area. In 1972, my family began to grow tea. I often helped my parents to make tea after class, and I gradually liked tea. Every day after class, I always liked to make tea and learn how to make tea. I formed an indissoluble bond with tea. I want to be a great tea maker.

After the 1980s, Taiwan's high mountain tea was driven by the market. The more the tea was grown, the more it went to the high mountains. The tea was fermented, and the more lightly fermented, the more "green" the high mountains were. With the trend of the market, tea production has also changed the traditional production method. The tea made has a fragrant fragrance, but the rhythm is insufficient. The high caffeine and high alkali make my love for tea gradually subsided, although it meets the market demand to make tea. , but felt that the road became more and more empty.

It was not until I accidentally drank the old tea that was kept in the tea factory that I remembered the initial impression of tea. After that, I was determined to find that impression and started my old tea journey.

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Searching. tea source

Finding old tea has become a top priority. I often drive my car and travel all over the tea areas in the North, Central and South, and because of this, I have met many tea people who insist on traditional tea making, and I have found many ideal teas one after another. I also learned that hojicha Relationship with the alcoholization of old tea.

I learned charcoal roasting more than ten years ago, but I have never been able to achieve the perfect technique. Once in the process of looking for tea, I met a tea shop owner whom my father knew when he was growing tea. I learned that he has a good skill in "Baking Longan Wood with Fire Charcoal". After several explanations and requests, maybe I was moved by my insistence on traditional tea making, so I decided to teach it with all my heart. After reading the beauty of longan charcoal and having spiritual communication with charcoal fire, I finally broke through the charcoal roasting technology of old tea and found the "source of technology".

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Longan Charcoal Roasted

Searching. right way

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Longan Charcoal Roasted
Longan Charcoal Roasted

Longan charcoal provides a far-infrared penetrating heat source, which can penetrate into the inside of the tea leaves and completely dry the inside and outside of the tea leaves. The pure yang fire of longan charcoal will remove many bad substances in the tea, and can also produce a unique aroma. More importantly, the temperature provided by the low temperature and slow fire can promote the slow Mena reaction of the old tea.

The storage environment is also very important. On the one hand, there should be fresh air, and on the other hand, it should be stored in a well-ventilated tea storage container. The pottery urn has pores which are most suitable for Tibetan tea. After baking, the tea leaves are stored in the pottery urn, baked again, and stored again, year after year, day after day, in order to mellow the substances in the tea and purify the essence of the tea.

In the process of pursuing the production of old tea, I deeply realized how precious it is to adhere to the traditional work of "longan wood and charcoal roasting" in a modern society that emphasizes quick success. As a tea maker, it is my responsibility and my desire to pass on the orthodox "Tao" of tea making.

Searching. True taste

I love good old tea. Good old tea does not have the stimulation of raw tea, but has a mellow and simple taste, which makes people like it as soon as they drink it. Good tea can be felt with the body, making people feel refreshed and happy. This is the "positive" taste of tea.

When I tasted the first sip of old tea, the aroma of Shen Yun calmed down my mixed mood immediately. The second sip, the third sip... The pure and warm tea soup will slowly dissolve on the taste buds, making my mind more concentrated and work pressure. Also released little by little...

The pace of life in technology requires speed, which makes the health of modern people light up. I found that after the alcoholization of old tea, a large amount of "gallic acid" is produced. It is a very good substance because of the characteristic of "everything is good, it is weak". Old tea has almost no caffeine and will not cause a burden on the human body.

When I found the pure taste of old tea, I took it as my mission to inherit old tea, and let more people who are destined to taste the "true" taste of tea.

Searching. new taste

Since the early years of devoting to the research, development and production of various old teas, Lao Ye Liang has always adhered to the traditional work of "longan wood charcoal roasting". In recent years, on the basis of the existing "longan wood charcoal roasting" technology and "old tea production", Laoye Liang has expanded the scope of research and development, and has innovated and developed many types of tea (such as: Queen's Black Tea, Cane Fragrant Charcoal Roasted Oolong Tea, Colorful Butterfly Tea) Honey-flavored tea...etc), so that those who like to drink tea can enjoy the different flavors of tea carefully crafted by Master Liang.

These innovative teas are based on "Longan wood charcoal roasted” method to bake, and both areOrganic and Natural Farming Tea, but adding different changes in the tea fermentation process, and then developing many new flavors that surprise consumers. For example, Caidie Honey Fragrant Tea is made from Jiayelong tea as the base, and then roasted through charcoal with longan wood. It is not only rich in GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), but also smells special and charming. The aroma of honey and fruit is smooth, not irritating, not bitter, and suitable for hot and cold brewing, so it is very popular among tea lovers.

More good teas with different flavors carefully crafted by Master Liang, please refer to:Innovative research and development of good tea with various flavors

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