1. The fire of pure yang is hard to come by  

The formation process of longan charcoal: drying the longan wood – cutting and sawing the longan wood before entering the kiln – smoldering at a high temperature of more than 1000 degrees for 1 month, “adding firewood and adding fire” cannot stop the fire – after the kiln is sealed, the kiln naturally extinguishes because there is no oxygen to support combustion , cooling - kiln carbonization for 1 month - choose a good day to open the kiln to get charcoal, the pure yang fire of longan charcoal will remove many bad substances in tea such as: caffeine...

2. Negative ion far-infrared heat source makes tea more healthy  

Longan charcoal provides a negative ion far-infrared permeable heat source, which can penetrate into the inside of the tea leaves and completely dry the inside and outside of the tea leaves. It can also produce a unique aroma, and more importantly, the temperature provided by low-temperature simmering can promote the slow Mena reaction of old tea. When tea leaves are roasted on charcoal fire for a long time, they will absorb the full amount of negative ions and far-infrared rays. In addition to adjusting the general slightly acidic constitution, the negative ions also absorb pathogenic positive ions from the body and expel them from the body, creating a layer of health invisibly. Protection net, this is the most precious part of long-term charcoal roasted tea.

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