Q: Is Taiwan old tea a tea for the elderly?

Answer: Old tea has the effect of health preservation, which is not only suitable for the elderly to drink, but also suitable for people of all ages to drink tea.
The origin of the name of tea for the elderly is that the introduction of Western beverages in the emerging era has attracted the preferences and pursuits of young people, so the traditional local industry - oolong tea is considered to be tea only for the elderly, so it is called tea for the elderly. . The old tea is transformed into a more mellow substance after alcoholization. It is a very good health drink, suitable for people of all ages to enjoy.

Q: Does Taiwan old tea have black tea and green tea?

Answer: Green tea is unfermented tea, black tea is fully fermented tea, as long as it has been stored for a long time or is old enough, it can be called old tea. But the orthodox old oolong tea refers to the semi-fermented oolong tea which is stored, roasted and stored repeatedly. Its flavor and taste are incomparable to black tea and green tea.

Q: Is Taiwan old tea the same as Pu'er tea?

Answer: Pu'er tea is a tea produced in Yunnan. It is made by post-fermentation. Both the tea species and the tea making method are completely different from Taiwan's old oolong tea. The research results of the team members of the Institute of Biotechnology of Chung Hsing University in Taiwan show that oolong tea Old tea contains more other types of anti-oxidative polyphenols than ordinary oolong tea, and it has almost no caffeine. The production process also decomposes a large amount of "gallic acid", which is beneficial to the human body. The value of Taiwan oolong tea is getting more and more attention, and aged oolong tea can be said to be the treasure of Taiwan!

Q: What are the benefits of Taiwan old tea for the body?

Answer: The benefits of drinking old tea: calm and happy, healthy and healthy, and it is most suitable for busy modern people to drink.

Q: How many years can tea leaves become old tea?

Answer: The aging time of tea leaves must be at least 5 years and the tea that has been left out of the vacuum state is called old tea. The best old tea is roasted once a year and stored in a pottery urn until it turns from jerky to alcohol and has good aging conditions. The older the tea, the more mellow it becomes!

Q: Does old tea have any side effects? Will you be addicted to drinking it?

A: During the process of storage, roasting, and re-storage of the old tea, the stimulating substances have been removed and converted into substances beneficial to the human body, so there are no side effects. The old tea is worth drinking again and again, but it will not be addictive.

Q: Will the old tea charcoal have carcinogens after being cultivated for a long time?

A: The old tea that is moderately roasted and stored will produce many substances that are beneficial to the human body in the process of transalcoholization, such as "gallic acid"... On the contrary, it has many benefits to the human body. However, if the dried tea leaves are roasted and coked very heavily, there is a concern that free radicals will be generated. Once the number of free radicals in the body exceeds the normal defense range of the human body, a "free radical chain reaction" will occur, prompting cells such as proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids to be basically The constituent substances are oxidized to become new free radicals, which then deoxidize others. Under the constant vicious circle, the functions of the human body are gradually damaged and corrupted, and various diseases will follow.

Q: Will drinking too much old tea hurt my stomach? Palpitations? Can't sleep?

A: During the process of storage, roasting, and re-storage, the irritants of old tea gradually decrease, which will cause stomach discomfort, heart palpitations, and inability to sleep. There are not many substances left, so it will not cause a burden on the body and is suitable for all ethnic groups. drink.

Q: Different tea types, which one is better?

Answer: Different tea series have their own characteristics. Entering the two shops of Laoye is like entering a journey of time and space of tea. You can freely search for treasures in tea products of different ages of the four major tea series, and then taste the taste and taste of old tea. story.

Q: Is the tea better with age?

A: The condition of the tea leaves to be stored at the beginning is an important key to determining the quality of old tea. The better the quality of dried tea, the better it is, of course, the older it is after the correct roasting and storage methods.

Q: Do I have to use a tea set to make it?

A: It is very convenient to make old tea. Any tea set can be used, but it is best to use wood to burn a clay pot, and a purple clay pot is also the best, followed by porcelain and glass.

Q: Do you grow your own tea? Are there any pesticides?

A: The two have their own tea gardens, but they will also contract with neighboring tea farmers for production. After long-term storage, roasting, and repeated alcoholization of old tea, the bad substances have been removed, and the problem of pesticide residues has long disappeared, so you can drink it with confidence.

Q: Will the old tea be sold out?

A: Some old teas are sold for a pound less than a pound, but some old teas with shorter years still have a certain amount of stock. In recent years, Lao Ye Liang has started to store high-quality new tea successively. The systematic, planned and large-scale storage of tea will provide more sustainable services for many old tea lovers.

Q: Is it better to drink old tea before or after meals?

A: The good substances retained in old tea will not cause a burden on the body, so you can drink it before and after meals. However, no matter it is a few years old tea, there is a small amount of caffeine. People who are sensitive to caffeine can also drink it before going to bed. Drink less.

Q: How long is the best time to brew old tea after opening?

Answer: After the old tea is opened, if it is well preserved in a zipper bag, there is no problem of shelf life. It will be better if it is stored in a pottery urn.

Q: Can I drink it the next day if I haven't finished drinking it today?

Answer: Unfinished tea can be re-drinked the next day, but there are many micro-floating bacteria in the air, which may cause adverse effects on the tea soup. Unless it is placed in the refrigerator and there is no hygiene concern, it is okay to drink it the next day. questionable.

Q: Does oolong tea also have the effect of losing weight?

Answer: Tea has the properties of removing oil and greasy, but raw tea has more theophylline and caffeine, which can easily stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, and it is easy to feel hungry, but old tea does not have this situation.

Q: When is the best time to drink old tea?

Answer: You can drink old tea all day long. Old tea has the effect of calming the brain and is more suitable for drinking when you are irritable and nervous.

Q: Has the good old tea changed to cooling?

A: The old tea that has been stored for many years and has not been roasted for a long time will become cool. The roasted old tea has been roasted by the far infrared heat of the Chunyang charcoal fire, and the tea taste will be warm.

Q: What is the effect of fermentation on old tea?

Answer: Fully fermented tea is black tea, non-fermented tea is green tea, and old oolong tea is semi-fermented tea.

Q: How to make good old tea?

A: The temperature of the water is about 90-100 degrees. Different tea brewing habits and utensils will brew tea soups with different flavors. As long as you "carefully" you can brew good tea.

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