Wild Honey Fragrant White Tea




★Origin: Alishan Tea Area

★Process: The traditional white tea production process, natural sunlight, natural withering, completely without oven drying, after about 20 days of production process, to maintain the natural traditional taste of white tea.

★Variety: Qingxin Oolong

★Environment: The tea garden is located in the tea area of Alishan. It is a natural wild tea garden without any pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, so there are small green leafhoppers sucking and eating, with a natural honey fragrance, a very clean and natural tea garden.

★Features: This tea has a slight honey fragrance due to the sucking of small green leafhoppers, and the layered flavor of peach and lychee. It is naturally withered and sun-dried white tea. It can be brewed at high temperature. It will gradually change from light to dark, and the taste will also change from light to strong. It can also be boiled, and there will be different flavors. It can be brewed for about 20 bubbles.

White tea is relatively caffeine-free, naturally mild, and non-irritating. It can make people feel peaceful. There is an old saying: "White tea is a tea for one year, a treasure for three years, and a medicine for seven years. 』It is worth savoring and feeling carefully, it is hard-won, and a cup of precious white tea that sticks to the traditional method of making slowly.

★Price: 75g 1000 yuan