Organic Fragrant Oolong Tea_Triangle Three-dimensional Tea Bag (Orthodox "Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea")




Organic Fragrant Oolong Tea_Triangular three-dimensional tea bag (authentic "Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea")

Place of Origin: Nantou Xinyi Tea Area (a high mountain tea area at an altitude of 1300 meters)

Roasting degree: medium roast (5 minutes roast)

Variety: Qingxin Oolong

Net weight: 4g*20

Price: NT$900

★Original original sheet★

Suxiang oolong tea is an organic old tea within 10 years. After repeated roasting and aging through longan charcoal, a large amount of gallic acid is produced. The tea soup has a clear amber color and smells with an elegant and steady fruity aroma. The slight fruit acid after the entrance has a sweet flavor, and the taste is full and sweet.

Oolong, broadly defined internationally, refers to semi-fermented tea. But in Taiwan, the so-called "Taiwanese oolong tea" is more strictly regulated. The orthodox "Taiwan oolong tea" refers specifically to: tea leaves processed with oolong tea varieties (including: Qingxin oolong, big oolong, big leaf oolong, etc.) and processed by the oolong tea process.

Lao Ye Liang's "Organic Scented Oolong Tea" is made from the Qingxin Oolong variety produced in the alpine tea area at an altitude of 1,300 meters, processed by the Oolong tea process, and then aged out of the vacuum state for a long time. Baked, so it is an orthodox and authentic "Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea".

★Hot bubble method:

Take a tea bag, 100-degree hot water, put it in a 500ml mug, and steep for about 5 minutes. Tea bags can be brewed continuously, and the brewing concentration and times can be adjusted according to individual preferences.

★It is recommended to drink hot bubbles








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