Organic Jiayelong Tea (Alpine GABA Oolong)


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Organic Jiayelong Tea (Alpine GABA Oolong)

Place of Origin: Nantou Tea District

Roasting degree: light roasting (2 minutes roasting)

Variety: Qingxin Oolong

Net weight of tea: 2 taels / 75g

1 jin 8 packs, can be packed with two gift boxes; buy more than 1 jin at a time, you can enjoy 5% discount!

──── Original price 2800 → Special price 2660 yuan!!!

Organic Jiayelong tea, also known as "GABA tea"

It is from the organic tea area under the central mountain range in Nantou, and it is a special anaerobic fermentation,
Coupled with the thick rhythm of organic soil and hydrological conditions, it has rich floral and fruity and woody aromas.


Jiayelong tea is a tea fermented in an anaerobic state, with a high content of GABA substances (gamma-aminobutyric acid)
Studies have found that trace amounts of GABA substances in human blood have important functions in regulating physical and psychological tension, anxiety and boredom
When we ingest the natural GABA ingredients contained in food, it can help reduce insomnia, relax the mood, and relieve the excited state of the central nervous system.


Due to its unique fermentation process, GABA makes the tea soup smooth and non-irritating, not bitter or astringent at all.
And both cold and hot brews can show rich flavor, it is a tea product that is deeply loved by consumers!


★Planting process★

No chemical fertilizers

No pesticides

Soil, air and water must not be polluted

The transition period of organic farming land is at least three to seven years

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★Organic Tea Certification Guidelines★

According to organic cultivation and field management methods, cultivation and complete management records

Tea processing and sub-packaging sites and warehouses are strictly required to comply with hygienic regulations

Sampling for inspection, no pesticide residues can be detected

Three-year organic product verification validity period, re-evaluation after expiration

★Certification Body★


★Verification certificate font size★



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Organic Jiayelong Tea

1 jin 8 packs, original price 2800→special price 2660, 1 can (2 taels) – 350 yuan