With the charcoal fire, the old man returns to the authentic taste of old tea

In my memory, there is a "A Fubo" who always walks from the old tea area in Dongding to carry the treasured tea, wrap it in one or two pieces of paper, and come to bond with the villagers in Alishan. After the villagers bought it home, they used to hang it on the chimney pipe of the large stove, and use the residual temperature of the firewood to preserve the drying of the tea leaves. That blind tea... is especially sweet and warm.

Looking back, it was already 70 years ago, when the Alishan area had not yet started to grow tea. In 1972, my family started growing tea. I often helped my parents to make tea after class, and I gradually liked tea. Every day after class, I always liked to make tea and learn how to make tea. I had an indissoluble bond with tea. I want to be a great tea maker.

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[One Tea, One Story] The old tea story of the two "destiny" of the master

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