The old tea should not be vacuumed when it is stored, and the tea should be exposed to fresh and circulating air. Because the pottery urn has pores, it is the most suitable for storing old tea.

In the process of storage, old tea must be exposed to fresh and clean air. After the old tea absorbs moisture, oxygen, and good substances in the air, it will produce oxidation. When the tea undergoes an active reaction, it will recombine to produce new elements. Different tastes and flavors are produced on the palate. A good aging environment will also induce old tea to produce new elements, such as gallic acid, polyoxymethylene compounds... These substances are all beneficial to the human body. The pottery urn has pores which are most suitable for Tibetan tea. After baking, the tea leaves are stored in the pottery urn, baked again, and stored again, year after year, day after day, in order to mellow the substances in the tea and purify the essence of the tea.

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