Tea essence is full of tea in the market, drinking too much allergy damages the liver and kidney

Vietnamese tea, Chinese tea mixed with Taiwanese tea or pesticide residue problems

In addition, according to the statistics of the Council of Agriculture, the annual output of local tea in Taiwan is about 10,000 metric tons, while that of imported tea is about 30,000 metric tons. More than half of the teas on the market are from Vietnam and China, but they pretend to be Taiwanese local teas in the form of "mixed tea" (Reference: https://goo.gl/sxAufC). In addition, the price of imported tea is more than 70% cheaper than that of Taiwanese tea. Some tea factories mix cheap imported tea with Taiwanese tea and sell it at the price of Taiwanese tea to earn the price difference. Therefore, although the number of imported teas is increasing year by year, imported teas from Vietnam and China have never been seen on the market.

The reason why Vietnamese and Chinese teas pass off "mixed tea" as Taiwanese teas is mainly because Vietnamese and Chinese teas have many problems with pesticide residues, resulting in a poor product image (Reference:https://goo.gl/mTFWVV). Counterfeiting Taiwanese local tea can not only improve the image of the product, but also sell at a high price and make huge profits.

The Council of Agriculture knows that more than 60% of the tea sold in the market is imported from Vietnam and China. It also knows that unscrupulous operators mix Vietnamese and Chinese teas as local "Taiwanese tea" and sell them at high prices to make huge profits, which not only affects local tea farmers, but also deceives consumers. , and may even affect consumer health due to pesticide residues.

In order to allow consumers to buy genuine Taiwanese tea, the Agriculture and Food Administration has actively promoted the tea production and sales resume system and the origin certification mark in recent years, and established the identification mark of local high-quality tea factories, hoping to allow the public to buy Taiwanese tea with peace of mind. (Data source: https://goo.gl/suTKoN)

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