Alishan tea series

Chiayi County is currently an important production area for high mountain tea production in Taiwan. The planting areas are dominated by four mountainous towns and towns: Meishan Township, Zhuqi Township, Fanlu Township and Alishan Township.

Ninety percent of Meishan Township belongs to mountainous areas, and tea gardens are mainly distributed in Taiping, Longan (Longyan Linwei), Dianzai, Zhangshu Lake, Bihu, Taixing, Ruili, Ruifeng, Taihe and Taixing in the mountainous area of Meishan Township The village has a total area of about 10,000 hectares of tea gardens, with an altitude between 900 and 1,400 meters. Longyan Village in Meishan Township (about 1,200 meters above sea level) is the origin of Taiwan's high mountain tea. The tea trees planted here are mainly Qingxin Oolong.

In Zhuqi Township, Fanlu Township and Alishan Township, most of the tea-producing villages are located beside the Alishan Highway, such as Longmei (Setou), Gaoding, Longtou, Guanghua, Shijiao, Cross Road, Dabang, Lijia and Fengshan and other hill tribes. The tea produced in these villages is commonly known as Alishan tea, but there are also teas called Alishan Zhulu tea or Alishan Yulu tea. In particular, Alishan Zhulu tea is the most famous, and it can be said to be the "green gold" of Zhuqi villagers. This tea is produced in the Shizhuo tea area of Zhuqi Township. The tea plantation area is about 400 hectares, and it is distributed at an altitude of about 1,200 to 1,400 kilometers. The height of about a foot, the planting varieties are mainly Qingxin Oolong, because the tea made has a strong aroma and a sweet taste, it is widely loved by tea drinkers. (Source Wikipedia)

Frozen top tea series

Tung-ting Tea (English: Tung-ting Tea), commonly known as Tung-ting Tea, is a well-known Taiwanese oolong tea.

The origin of Dongding tea is in Lugu Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. It is mainly a semi-fermented tea made from Qingxin Oolong. Traditionally, its fermentation degree is around 30%. The uniqueness of the tea-making process is that after drying, the tea leaves need to be repeatedly wrapped in cloth and rolled into a ball to make the tea into a semi-fermented hemispherical shape, which is called "cloth-rubbing tea" or "hot mass-rubbing". The traditional frozen top oolong tea has a distinct roasted taste, and in recent years, light-fired tea has also been made. In addition, there is also "aged charcoal roasted tea", which is repeatedly roasted at a high temperature and slow-roasted every year to produce a tea full of glycolic aftertaste. (Source Wikipedia)

Lishan tea series

Lishan tea, a type of oolong tea, is produced in Lishan, located in Heping District, Taichung City, Taiwan. It became famous because of Chiang Kai-shek's praise in 1965. After 1970, a large number of varieties appeared. The tea area includes Jiayang, Xinjiayang, Fushou Mountain, Wuling, Huanshan, Bilu River. Due to the large temperature difference between day and night and the short sunshine time, tea leaves are rich in pectin, theanamine, theanine, and catechins and tea tannins, so the tea is sweet but not bitter.

Generally, Cuiluan, Cuifeng, Huagang, and Dayuling are included in the Dalishan tea area, but their administrative areas have been divided into Nantou County and Hualien County. . (Source Wikipedia)

Northern Mountain Tea Series

Wenshan Baozhong tea is rich in northern Taiwan. Its appearance is like a rope, its color is emerald green, the water color is honey green and bright with gold. advanced.

At present, the Baozhong tea produced in Taiwan is of the best quality and aroma produced in the Wenshan area of Taipei, so it is customary to call it "Wenshan Baozhong tea". The Wenshan area includes Wenshan and Nangang in Taipei City, Xindian, Pinglin, Shiding, Shenkeng, Xizhi and other tea areas in New Taipei City. About more than 2,300 hectares, the tea gardens are distributed in the mountainous areas above 400 meters above sea level. The environment is special, especially in the Pinglin area, where the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the climate is warm and cool all year round, the snow and mist are diffused, and the soil is fertile, so the Wenshan Baozhong tea produced here. Excellent quality. (Source Wikipedia)

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