At present, there are several ways of roasting high mountain tea, including: electric roasting machine, electric roasting cage, far-infrared roasting tea machine, traditional charcoal roasting, etc. Among them, the electric roasting machine, electric roasting cage and far-infrared roasting tea machine are all products of modern technology, which are convenient, fast, and easy to learn. experience and professionalism.

However, charcoal roasting is the crystallization of the wisdom and experience left by the ancestors. If it can be properly implemented, the quality of the tea leaves roasted is better than that of electric roasting machines, electric roasting cages, and far-infrared roasting tea machines.

The so-called charcoal roasting, as the name suggests, is to roast it with charcoal. The unique feature of traditional charcoal is that what it burns is far infrared rays, so far infrared rays can have a great effect on the removal of tea leaves and prunes. Theophylline, caffeine, etc.) are baked out, which will reduce the proportion of these more stimulating factors in tea leaves.

Charcoal roasting is an ancient kung fu and ancient technique. It can create the warm and moist taste of alpine oolong tea, remove the coldness of the tea leaves, and transform the tea leaves into relatively mild or neutral ones, making it suitable for modern human physique, and then reaching the requirements in "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" and "Shen Nong Shi Jing". The detoxifying, energizing and euphoric properties of tea are emphasized.

The method of Laoye's two-charcoal roasting of alpine oolong tea is that the fermentation degree of the alpine oolong tea is maintained at about 30%, whether it is his own or made by himself. Therefore, after this tea arrives at the Hojicha factory, it must be roasted on charcoal. Why use charcoal roasting instead of electric roasting machine and electric roasting cage? The main reason is that it is difficult to change the properties of tea leaves if it is roasted by electricity. That is to say, although electric roasting can reduce the moisture content and make the tea quality stable, the tea leaves are also cold, even if they have been roasted to medium heat, the tea is still cold. As for the far-infrared roasting tea machine, it is only a far-infrared panel installed on the electric roasting cage, which is still electric roasting in essence, so the tea is also cold.

But if you use charcoal to make hojicha, it will be neutral or warm. Charcoal, especially longan charcoal, is produced after two months of "boring kiln". The so-called "boring kiln" means that after the longan firewood is removed, it must be placed in a dry place for one year. It takes two months in the charcoal kiln to keep the fire uninterrupted, that is, use a very high temperature to suppress the fire (not burning, it will turn into ashes), so that the longan wood will be charred and finally become longan charcoal. Longan charcoal can be said to be a kind of pure yang fire because it has been continuously suffocated for two months. It is a purely positive thing.

We use pure yang fire to bake the alpine oolong tea, and the coldness caused by the "30% fermentation of oolong tea" will disappear instantly. Therefore, as long as we use charcoal, especially longan charcoal, to roast the alpine oolong tea, it is warm and suitable for the so-called public. Ordinary people, especially women, who drink charcoal-baked alpine oolong tea will not feel uncomfortable because of the excessive cold, and then can achieve the detoxification, detoxification and refreshing effects of tea as emphasized in "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" and "Shen Nong's Food Classic". Powerful and joyful characteristics.

For details of Longxian charcoal roasting, this ancient method, please refer to the fourth article:Taiwanese Alpine Tea Roasted with Longan Charcoal: The Treasures of Charcoal Roasted Tea.

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