2022 Alishan Honey Fragrant White Tea

Dear friends! Now coming to our wild tea garden, many friends say wild tea garden, what is wild tea? Where do you put it? Come here to see this is the wild tea garden, if the wild tea garden, you see, can you see the tea? Tea is here, here! At the same time, what are the benefits of grass and tea together, that is, there are some so-called pests on crops, but at the same time, there are some so-called beneficial insects in his ecology, they will suppress each other, so this is called tea Grass symbiosis.

Everyone, look! This is what the little green leafhopper has eaten! Tea leaves and their appearance, but if there are too many small green leafhoppers, the tea buds will also be eaten up, so there must be another kind of ecology to suppress it, that is the grasshopper, the grasshopper and its food. One is the little green leafhopper. Then why do we need tea and grass symbiosis, that is, let the grasshopper also exist and then the small green leafhopper, it can not be too many

Then drink it moderately, so that the tea has both the yield and the honey fragrance, so this is an ecological balance, and this is what we want.

So recently, we have picked it once in this wild tea plantation, and the tea leaves will be made into white tea, so everyone can look forward to it, the white tea made from wild tea leaves has a honey fragrance, we call him Honey Fragrant White Tea, what is so special about it? Please continue to pay attention to our video. We will make a link and an introduction below.

Dear friends, I have come to the tea factory now. This is the result of our two days, that is, our honey-scented wild white tea. I said that this will have a heavy honey-scent, why? The saliva is quite powerful! Let's take a look, this batch of tea must be made with a strong honey fragrance. Why, you can see that the little green leafhoppers are sucking food, and the little green leafhoppers are sucking food. You can easily see it on almost all the leaves. There are traces of the little green leafhopper sucking food. In this case, the white tea made will have a honey fragrance. This will be the most special!

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