How to taste tea

one,Pre-work - pouring tea leaves

Before tasting the tea, cut the tea leaves open and get out of the vacuum state, remember to get into the habit of finding a clip, fold the mouth of the bag, and clip it, so as to effectively block the air, so as to prevent the entry of moisture and prevent the tea leaves from being excessively generated. post-fermentation. After opening the tea leaves, find a teapot that is the right size.

The amount of tea leaves depends on the tea. Some teas are thick in texture, and the amount can be a little less. Some teas are thinner and the amount can be more. The amount of one, because Taiwan tea is spherical or hemispherical, and the dough is very firm, so a quarter of the amount is enough.

two,Pre-work - brewing

In terms of flushing water, Taiwanese tea must be boiled with 100 degrees of smoking water.

Just pull it a little higher when rushing, the main purpose is to make the whole tea leaves get quick access to the hot water

, and finally close the lid. As for whether to rinse the first brew, it depends on the selected tea. If the selected tea may have some problems such as pollution, dust and some pesticides, the first brew of the tea should be rinsed, but if the selected tea may have some problems such as pollution, dust and some pesticides It is a non-toxic and organic tea. The first brew does not need to be rinsed. As the saying goes, "the first brew loses three points of the tea", so we effectively have to keep the complete first brew.

Next, prepare a sea of tea, the sea of tea is the best transparent, you can clearly see the color of the soup, and then put a funnel and a filter to filter the tea residues. The length of soaking depends on the tea. However, if the tea release speed is very fast, the soaking time should be shortened, and if the tea release speed is relatively slow, the time will be extended, which is determined by the tea.

If you make tea often, you will learn from experience at the end, and know how long it takes to soak it to drink the best state. One brewing organic tea does not take too long, because its texture is very thick and the release speed is faster. So don't soak for too long, about 30 seconds to one minute, "high flushing and low pouring" means that you lower the pressure when pouring, and the impact force of the tea soup should not be so large. If the impact force of the tea soup is large , it is easy to produce a bitter factor, so this is how "high flushing and low pouring" comes. If the second brew does not have to be brewed immediately, remember to open the lid so that it will not produce a stuffy taste.


3. Open the lid and taste the fragrance:The aroma of tea is the key

When opening the lid, some teas can clearly smell the very fragrant tea fragrance. The tea fragrance is very important. If the weather conditions are good and the sun is shining on the day when the tea farmers pick tea in the tea mountain, the tea leaves will be exposed to the sun and will receive this. Ultraviolet rays, the aroma of this tea must be very good, it must have the breath of mountains and the fragrance of mountains. The so-called alpine raw tea, its roasting degree is very light, so its color is very beautiful golden yellow, with a little green in the yellow, which is the color of typical raw tea.

Four,The two masters teach you how to taste tea

When tasting tea, how to feel it is very important. First, when you pick up the cup, first smell the aroma of the tea. The aroma of a good tea is in the water. In Taiwanese saying, "the aroma of tea enters the water." , it means that all aspects of its conditions are just right, so its aroma will melt in the water. For some teas, you almost have to smell the lid to smell the tea fragrance. When you smell the tea soup, the tea fragrance is very light, which means that its aroma does not melt. In water, the aroma of good tea should melt in the water.  

Next, taste the tea soup. The more golden and bright the color of the tea soup, the better. If the weather on the day of picking tea is not smooth,

Or if the tea maker has not mastered the tea factory properly, the tea soup will be turbid. The more golden and bright the tea soup is, especially if the brightness is sufficient, it means that the tea was harvested and made by the master. The process is very in place, so that a very good tea can be made.

When drinking tea soup, take a sip and feel it from the tip of the tongue at first. If the tea has a strong astringency, you can directly feel the astringency from the tip of the tongue. Tea astringency is one of the necessary elements, but it should not be too much. It can only be slight, astringency comes from tannins in tea, bitterness comes from caffeine in tea, a tea contains tannins and caffeine, so bitterness is one of the elements it must have. One, but the tea maker should suppress it to the lowest level, so that it will taste smooth.

Next, use the base of the tongue to feel the sweetness of the tea. The higher the mountain, the richer the colloid, the more colloidal tea, the sweeter the water. Use the tongue to feel the sweetness of the tea soup. If you feel the tea soup, it is very moist and very moist. It is light and sweet, which means that its tea green condition is very good. Next, you can feel its rhyme. Use the throat and the entire mouth to even round the part of the nasal cavity. A good tea is called Huiyun, and Huiyun is drinking. After drinking the tea soup, the rhythm that comes back from the tea soup, the whole mouth, the tip of the tongue, and the nasal cavity resonate with the charm of tea.


  • Use the tip of your tongue to feel whether the bitterness is acceptable.
  • Use the base of your tongue to feel its sweetness. The sweeter it is, the better the condition of its tea greens and the better the texture of its tea gardens.
  • Use the resonance of the throat, mouth, and the entire nasal cavity to feel the tea rhyme. If a tea rhyme is quite complete, it means that the tea is very good in terms of tea essence or production conditions, so that you can know the tea you are tasting. Not a superior tea.

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