What is Squeeze Tea?

Pressed tea is what the improvement field is promoting now. The traditional Taiwanese hemispherical tea or strip-shaped black tea is pressed into tea cakes. The advantages are that it is easy to store and easy to carry. Post-fermented tea or black tea can be post-fermented, and black tea or old tea is more suitable.

Press tea making procedure report to you

First of all, we must first weigh the weight, such as: the black tea in the shape of a rope is about 200 grams, and then the official first action is to steam it in the cooker, and it can be suppressed by steaming, then turn on the fire, steam for about 30 seconds, etc. When the steam starts to come up, close the lid and smother it for 30 seconds and it will soften. Then, put the steamed tea into the mold and let it distribute evenly. Next, push it to the position and press the switch. The process requires nine times of "pressing", each time it takes ten seconds to press, and the pressure for each time is 200 kilograms, and these can be set through the switch, and finally the mold can be released and the tea cake can be poured from it. Take it out, and the formed tea cake is not enough. It also needs to be dried at a low temperature. Use a hojicha machine to adjust it to 40 degrees to 50 degrees for six to seven hours!

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