When consumers buy Taiwanese high mountain tea, they really have to be careful to avoid being fooled!

According to Taiwan's "Apple Daily", a man surnamed Lin from Taichung made 70 to 80 percent of Taiwan's low-altitude tea, imported Vietnamese tea, and 20 to 30 percent of Taiwan's high mountain tea from 2014 to 2017. The "mixed tea" was taken by Lin Nan as Taiwan's high mountain tea, which was sold on momo shopping network at a high price. The Changhua County Investigation Station sent the tea sold by Lin Nan for inspection, and it was found that the tea he sold was "overseas tea" or "contains overseas tea". Therefore, Lin Nan was prosecuted by the Taichung District Prosecutor's Office for "false labeling". . The prosecution also further pointed out that since 2014, Lin Nan purchased low-priced Taiwanese low-altitude tea from a number of tea factories in Nantou County, and then purchased Vietnamese tea from imported tea merchants. After Lin Nan purchased the above tea leaves, he mixed with high mountain tea from Alishan, Lishan, Dayuling and other places, or only used Vietnamese tea, but named the tea "Taiwan Imprint Lishan Tea" and "Yu Tibetan Tea Pin Alishan". ”, “Original Bag Dayuling Tea” and other product names were sold at a high price on the momo shopping network. In the end, Lin Nan’s deeds of deceiving consumers were revealed, and he was prosecuted by the Taichung District Prosecutor’s Office for “false labeling” (Data source: https: //goo.gl/EAYDhy).

The real Taiwanese high mountain tea is widely loved by tea lovers all over the world because of its soft tea leaves, thick flesh and more pectin, green color, translucent tea soup, rich glycol, neither bitter nor astringent, and sweet taste. In addition, the production of real Taiwanese high mountain tea is not much, so it is rare and expensive, and its market price is also high. Therefore, there are often unscrupulous merchants who pretend to be Taiwanese high mountain tea by mixing tea and sell it for huge profits.

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