Why Does the Tea Need to be Fermented and Baked? Views from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Diet Therapy

Because modern people stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, they are less physically active, so many people like this, especially women, will have cold hands. Cold Hands is signing for the cold physique. If this kind of people drinks too much green tea or oolong tea with a fermentation degree below 50% and non-baked, their body may feel uncomfortable because of the coldness nature of this tea. However, if they drink 100% fermented black tea or baked oolong tea, their body will not feel uncomfortable because of the coldness of tea drink.

"But if you don't drink too much green tea or unroasted oolong tea, even people with cold constitutions will not have problems."

The early Taiwan oolong tea is semi-fermented, and the degree of fermentation is about 50%, so it is a mild and neutral tea. However, modern Taiwan oolong tea pays more attention to the fragrant nature and the golden and light green color of Oolong tea drink. So the fermentation degree is reduced to about 30%, so it is somewhat cold. So if office workers with cold body constitution want to taste fragrant of Oolong tea, they can purchase the baked oolong tea. In other words, oolong tea with a fermentation degree of about 30%, if properly baked, can also achieve the purpose of remove coldness, and make the oolong tea more gentle and refreshing. Even modern people with more cold physique, as long as they drink the baked oolong tea, their body will not feel uncomfortable because of the coldness.

Another critical advantage of baking is to make the quality of the tea stable. In other words, unbaked tea leaves must contain water in it, causing the tea to deteriorate more quickly. For example, unbaked raw tea must hold water. If it contains 5 percent or 6 percent of water, the water will produce post-fermentation, the taste of the tea will change, causing the tea to deteriorate. Baking can remove the remaining moisture in tea leaves to maintain the stable and quality of the drink. For the tea merchants who sell tea, quality instability is a big taboo, so it is vital to let their tea baked.

In addition to oolong tea, black tea can also be baked to maintain its quality stability. Although black tea is fully fermented, there is no problem with cold-nature, but through baking, it can still help black tea stable.

Finally, there are many methods for tea baking, including electric baking machine, electric baking cage, far infrared roasting machine, traditional charcoal baking, etc. Among all these tea baking methods, electric baking machine, electric baking cage, and far-infrared roasting machine are all products of modern science and technology. They are convenient, fast, and easy to learn.

The traditional charcoal baking process is cumbersome and difficult to control. It requires experience, professionalism, and a master's teaching. But the quality of tea baked by traditional charcoal, especially by longan charcoal, is always the best.

Longan charcoal baking is an ancient skill. It can make the warm taste of high mountain oolong tea, change the tea's coldness, and transform the tea drink into milder or neutral, make it suitable for the modern human body. Through longan charcoal baking, the benefits of tea drink emphasis by ancient scripture "Shen Nong Herbal Medicine Scripture" 《神農本草經》and "Shen Nong Food Scripture" 《神農食經》can then achieves. That is detoxification (such as to eliminate free radicals produced by the body's metabolism), and make the human body powerful and mood pleasing. Lyoldtea's tea must be baked through longan charcoal. No matter it is Taiwan high mountain oolong tea, black tea, green tea, or Gaba tea. Baking removes tea's potential coldness-nature and makes its quality stable for storage, not easy to deteriorate, and suitable for people of all physiques.