Chinese Tea History

Chinese tea culture is historical. According to Wikipedia, "Shen Nong Herbal Medicine Scripture" 《神農本草經》is the earliest existing monograph on Chinese medicine written in the Qin to Han Dynasties, which has a history of two thousand years. This ancient scripture has started to discuss the benefit of drinking tea.

In "Shen Nong Herbal Medicine Scripture," it is said that drinking tea can remove toxins from the body. In another ancient scripture, the "Shen Nong Food Scripture" 《神農食經》it pointed out that drinking tea can make people powerful and pleasing."

According to the above two ancient Scripture in Tradition Chinese medicine, it concludes that drinking tea has the characteristics of detoxification, making human beings robust, energetic, and happy.

Chinese tea in Taiwan

The history of Taiwan's tea industry has its origins with the residents of Fujian and Guangdong Immigrate into Taiwan. Before the Tianqi Period of the Ming Dynasty (1620-1627), drinking tea has already become a Chinese lifestyle. At that time, the residents of Fujian and Guangdong who loved to drink tea moved into Taiwan, and the wind of drinking tea naturally followed with it.

According to the book of General History of Taiwan by Mr. Lian Yatang, Taiwanese tea has a history of nearly two hundred years. At present, the northern part and the central part of Taiwan are the major tea production areas of Taiwan.

In addition to the aborigines in Taiwan, many Taiwanese are early immigrants from China who brought Chinese traditional culture to Taiwan, including tea culture. When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in China, carried out the "Cultural Revolution" from 1966 to 1976 to eliminate traditional Chinese culture, Taiwan, on the contrary, was committed to preserving them. Therefore, Nowadays, Taiwan has become the place most completely keep Tradition Chinese culture (including tea culture) in the world.

The traditional Chinese culture believes in God, and it is fundamentally different from the atheism imposed by the CCP to current people in China. CCP seriously ruins Chinese belief in God, but fortunately, Taiwan has preserved the faith in God, and now it is deeply rooted in Taiwanese society.

This culture that belief in God helps make tea with good quality. In other words, since a big part of Taiwanese believes in God, they think that good and evil, all have retribution. Tea farmers with this kind of belief (such as boss Liu of Lyoldtea) will pay special attention to the tea planting and production process to make the tea beneficial to human. Therefore, the cultural characteristics of God believing has constituted a guarantee for the quality of Taiwanese tea.