Preserving Traditional and Historical Organic Tea Making Skills

Planting Tea

Lyoldtea specializes in the production of organic farming tea. Their cultivation process does not use pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides at all. Instead, Lyoldtea uses a unique way to nourish and protect the land. These including (1) importing lactic acid enzyme from Japan and use it on acidified soil (because of over-cultivation) to help the soil return to its natural state. (2) to suppress pests and diseases with organic enzymes. (3) Use Artificial mechanical weeding or grass-cultivation to cover those areas outside the tea tree. Using Organic cultivation to produce high quality and safe tea, this is the long-standing insistence of Lyoldtea.

Picking Tea

Lyoldtea tea is 100% handpicking. Hand-picking is the most traditional method of tea-picking. Its advantage is to ensure the integrity of the leaves of the tea tree. When brewing tea, the tea leaves fully stretched and express the delicate beauty of the tea leaves. Therefore, the overall experience of drinking tea is lovely. However, the disadvantage is that the labor cost of hand-picking tea is high, and the speed is slow. So the price of hand-picked tea is usually higher than that of machine picking tea. 

Tea Fermentation and Hemispherical

Fermentation is an essential part of tea making. Base on the concept of Chinese traditional medicine and diet therapy, If the degree of fermentation is less than 50%, then the tea is relatively cold-nature. Otherwise, if the degree of fermentation is about 50% (like tradition Oolong tea), then the tea is relatively warm-nature. Green tea is zero-fermented, so it is cold-nature. Black tea is 100% fermented, and it is hot-nature. Modern Taiwan oolong tea, it is also semi-fermented tea, their fermentation is about 30%, so it is a bit cold. But after baking, this small amount of coldness can be removed. Besides, after the tea is fermented, tea makers will make tea leaves into a hemisphere shape ideal for preserve and brewing.

Tea Baking

Tea with a degree of fermentation less than 50% is cold-nature. But if baked the tea properly, it can achieve the purpose of removing its cold-nature, making the tea beverage more moist and nourishing health. Even modern people with more chilly constitutions, as long as they drink baked tea, the body will not feel uncomfortable because of the coldness nature. Secondly, unbaked tea leaves must contain water in it, causing the tea to deteriorate more quickly. After baked, the remaining moisture in tea leaves is removed to maintain the stable and quality of the drink. 

Tea Packaging and Sales

Lyoldtea has complete organic tea planting and processing equipment and skills, an organically certified tea packaging plant, as well as brand and sales channels (including physical storefronts and online stores). Since Lyoldtea tea is self processed from the source to the end, it can reduce the profit share by the middlemen so that Lyoldtea can sell organic tea at a lower price than the average market level.