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We produce the highest quality of organic tea in the world.


Organic Tea Planting

Lyoldtea specializes in the production of organic farming tea. Their cultivation process does not use pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides at all. Instead, Lyoldtea uses a unique way to nourish and protect the land. These including (1) importing lactic acid enzyme from Japan and use it on acidified soil (because of over-cultivation) to help the soil return to its natural state. (2) to suppress pests and diseases with organic enzymes. (3) Use Artificial mechanical weeding or grass-cultivation to cover those areas outside the tea tree. Using Organic cultivation to produce high quality and safe tea is the long-standing insistence of Lyoldtea. 


Stay traditional and innovate

Since the early years of research and development of various teas, the traditional method of making tea has always been the insistence of Lyoldtea. In recent years, Lyoldtea has expanded its research and development scope and continued to innovate and develop new types of tea, so that people who like to drink tea can enjoy different flavors of Lyoldtea tea.

These innovative teas are organic or natural farming teas baked with longan charcoal baking method, but they are changed and innovated in the fermentation process, and thus develops many new tea varieties that make consumers feel amazing.


Inheriting the moral of planting and making tea

Inheriting the moral of planting tea and preparing tea has a profound connotation. Such connotation is dividing into three levels: God, earth, and people. Among them, the "God" means that tea makers must reverence for God and believe in good and evil. The "land" means tea makers should protect the land and nourish the soil. The "people" means that tea makers should concern with benefits people, and make tea good for people's health.

Lyoldtea has always adhered to the above mention connotation and practiced the principle of "raise the land before cultivating tea." Lyoldtea insists on non-toxic cultivation and no chemical fertilizer. Lyoldtea nourishes the land with natural organic fertilizer. Lyoldtea import Japanese lactate enzymes so that long-term cultivation and acidified soil can be turned back to neutral, to contribute to the natural environment.

Also, to promote the concept of non-toxic planting, boss Liu of Lyoldtea has tested various organic materials for many years. He even imported Japanese lactic acid bacteria enzymes at a high cost, thus overcoming many problems of pests and diseases in tea gardens.

Liu said according to ancient Chinese Medicine scriptures, tea has a benefit for detoxification. If the tea drink contains pesticide, then the tea itself is poisonous, how can it be detoxification? So Liu always insists on non-toxic tea farming method, and the biggest beneficiaries are the consumers. 



Insist on Using the Traditional Longan Charcoal Baking Method

In the baking of tea, Liu insisted on using traditional Longan charcoal baking method and devoted himself to the study of it. Longan charcoal baking method is the wisdom of the ancestors, and its procedures are complicated and almost lost. It uses longan charcoal far-infrared to baking tea. Through the far-infrared heat source, it can remove the Theophylline and stimulated caffeine elements to make the tea Mild, tasty, and beneficial.

The traditional Longan charcoal baking method is a guarantee of tea quality. However, many people in modern times only believe the fast and simple new technology. In the short run, it seems to save a lot of working hours. But eventually, the rich connotation of the traditional method is gradually lost and becomes a legend.

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